Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Time and Sad Faces

We had a great weekend. Lots of family time and Kip and I actually got the chance to go out by ourselves! I think my exact words to Kip while in the car were, "So when I get to the restaurant, I don't have to get the kid, and all his bags and the stroller?!?!?!?" Now, I do love my baby, more than anything, but I soooooo enjoyed just walking in to a restaurant and having a conversation with my husband.

Kip left today for a training camp in western KY for the week. It was a sad day, full of tears for us all. Aidan cried crocodile tears when Kip picked and said "Bye, Putter. Be a good boy for Momma and I'll see you soon!" He cried for a good half an hour after Kip left too!! And yes, Momma cried too, then the new baby got all upset - no one likes it very much when Kip leaves.

Have a good week, Kip! Aidan, the baby and I can't wait to see you this weekend!!

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