Monday, November 9, 2009

Aidan Update

We met with Aidan's nutritionist today. Aidan is doing really well with his feeds, so much in fact we were actually able to stop his antacid! He has also regained all of the weight he lost while he was in the hospital. Here are his stats:

22lbs 4oz
33" long

Way to go Aidan!! Still under the growth chart, but gaining steadily on what we like to call "Aidan's curve."

Aidan also had an appointment with the spine doctor last week. Unfortunately, Aidan's curve has gotten worse, he was scanned at 61%. The good news is that it is NOT affecting any of his organs or hindering his breathing. The doctor said that while he will definitely need surgery one day (they normally like to wait until 12 or so for the last growth spurt), we have 3 options. One is to do nothing and watch him. Two is to brace him and watch him. Three is to do surgery. After major discussion, the doctor told us he WOULD do the surgery, however Aidan really doesn't have enough meat on his bones to do well with recovery. And we're just not ready for Aidan to have yet another surgery, so we decided to get a new, bigger back brace and see how it works.

Aidan has been making big progress in the head control area. He now will lift his head while we carry him and look around at his surroundings!! Yay - Aidan!! He has also started back with vital stim therapy to try and improve his swallow. We had an appointment today and he was just loving the whipped cream that we bought for him :) Boy after my own heart!! As for hippatherapy (horse riding), we have decided to wait until spring, hoping to steer clear of cold and flu bugs!

Finally, I'm SOOOOOO happy to report that Aidan has not needed his vent for the last two weeks!! WHOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!! He does use his trach collar, which provides some moist oxygen, at night. But he is 100% breathing on his own - 24 hours a day!! I am so proud of my little man - he never ceases to amaze me!!


  1. Wooo Hooo! That is so exciting! Way to go Aidan! He never ceases to amaze us! He is so strong and smart and definitely has a fighting spirit!

  2. what wonderful news kerrie & kip..congrats to our handsome aunt linda & uncle gene