Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Aidan had an AMAZING day today! He woke up in a great mood. I let him play a little in his bed before getting up for the day, then we relaxed and watched some Spongebob (of course!). Aidan had a therapy appointment this morning and just blew me away!! He let his OT stretch his foot, arms and hands without so much as a wimper. We worked with his speaking valve for a while. Instead of getting maybe a minute, he let it on for over 6 minutes!! Then we had some tummy time - my boy lifted his head the ENTIRE time!! I was speechless!!

Once Kip got home tonight, I wanted to show off Aidan's new talents. So we played on the floor for a while and again, Aidan was looking up at his toys the entire time!! Then we sat him in his chair and he was so happy watching TV and playing, I had to take his picture. Sorry for the bad quality, I used my phone not the camera.

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  1. I am not surprised by this at all...I already knew Aidan was AMAZING! Good job little man! You keep showing off how strong you are!